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Asian Flush: Does Your Face Turn Red When Drinking Alcohol?
Do you experience feeling exhausted during a social gathering? Do you experience having that red and plump face after having a drink or two? Do you know what Asian flush is? What causes it and what is its effect on our health? Most importantly, what is the treatment for Asian flush? Let's learn and know more about it below.
All About Asian Flush
In a nutshell, Asian flush is experienced when the face turns red when drinking beer. Sounds very simple, right? Apparently, this alcohol red face is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, Asian flush poses a risk to your health because the body is not able to metabolize alcohol efficiently and effectively. This condition is very common among Asians including those with Japanese, Korean and Chinese descent. However, this doesn't mean that Asian flush is exclusive to Asians alone. Whatever your race is, you can also experience the Asian flush.
There are two main enzymes that help the body break down alcohol. First are the alcohol dehydrogenase and the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. The former converts alcohol into the second type, which will then be broken down into harmless compounds. Because of the differences in genes, 80% of Asians are prone to overactive alcohol dehydrogenase. This means that their bodies break down acetaldehyde incredibly quick, even 100 times quicker! As a result thereof, the body experiences dizziness what is simply called as alcohol "buzz".
Some Asians also have inactive acetaldehyde dehydrogenas, which means that their bodies tend to break down alcohol in a slower pace. This can be very serious considering that this might mean that it will take longer for the body to clear the alcohol from the blood.
The build-up of acetaldehyde is what then causes the blood vessels to dilate and for the face to experience flushing or redness. More than its physical effect, Asian flushing is actually very toxic to the body. In fact the build-up of acetaldehyde is very dangerous as the said compound is a known cancer-causing agent. Thus if you have experienced Asian flush then it is recommended for you to drink responsibly. A bottle or two during social gatherings is already enough. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of esophageal as well as stomach and peptic ulcers.
Asian Flush Coping Tips
It should be understood that there is no definite treatment for Asian flush. However, you can try several health supplements you can take and several coping tips you can observe in order to reduce the risk of Asian flush. As already mentioned, drink moderately and responsibly. Men should have only two drinks of beer per day while women should limit to having one alcoholic drink per day.
Another way to reduce the health hazards of Asian flush is to drink plenty of water every day especially if you are bound to drink for a social gathering. You can also eat while or during drinking as a full stomach can protect your stomach lining from irritation due to alcohol intake.